Friday, March 26, 2010

One Step at a Time

If success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, then there will be more success this summer - summer na, El Niño pa.

December 12, I had a new boyfriend - lets call him Arvie.

Lol. Kidding.

I mean totoo that I entered a relationship and it is with Arvie (ARV). They are 2 kinds of pills which I needed to take 11 in morning and 11 at night.

I was prescribed to take Lamivudine+Zidovudine (it comes in one pill called combivir) and Nevirapine . What I needed to watch out for is if I am compatible with nevirapine. It is a lifetime commitment so dapat lang we are compatible right?

When I first took nevirapine, I waited for 2 to 3 hours before I could tell that there is "something."

Define something - itchy feeling that started manifesting as pantal.

I got scared because it's my 1st line and I wished not to try other pills.

I stick to my routine but everyday it was like that, and on the 9th day, ayun, I got fever. I called Dra. D and she told me to stop taking nevirapine but continue with my lami/zido.

I did research to know the possible options or alternatives to my old regimen. I looked for reasons to give myself "scientific explanations" that nevirapine and I are really not meant for each other.

After a week, I went back to RITM to get my "rebound". He's name is Efavirenz (you can call it sustiva). I liked it because the packaging was good. Orange. Vibrant. So e-FAB. And the good thing is, I only need to take efav before bedtime.

I fixed my protocol.

3 myrin tablets before breakfast (for my TB)
1 800mg cotrimoxazole (for my prophylaxis)
1 lami/zido - to be taken twice a day, 11am and 11pm (for HIV)

As soon as I changed my ARV to efavirenz, my fever stopped. And there was no "something". No rashes. But it can make you really dizzy, sometimes nauseated.

I told myself to give the pills time - or time for myself to get used to the side effects of the new pill.

I needed to endure the dizziness.

I needed to persevere - but not necessarily perspire. Eeeew!

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