Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meeting Dra. D

After the confirmatory test, the doctor referred me to Dra. D.

A week later, Negra and I went to see her. She is one of the heads at RITM but we went to NKI where she has a clinic - it's closer to our place.

As we entered the room, Dra. D thought of Negra as the patient - then we laughed. It was a good warm up before dealing with the more serious issue.

I explained everything, my confinement and that I just finished the first month of my TB treatment (usually it lasts 6 months). She instructed me a short-term plan.

1. We will reassess my condition with the TB medication after one more month.
2. I have to schedule tests at RITM
3. Get my prophylaxis

A lot of questions are rambling on my mind . Why can't I start ARV drugs right away? Is it for free? What tests do I need to schedule? And what? Prophylaxis? Rule: Isa-isa lang.

First, it's advisable to start ARV medication after TB medication (unfortunately that was not my case - let me tell you later).

Are the ARV drugs for free? Yes, hopefully it will be like that forever.

What test? It's CD4 count and it is for free but you need to have it scheduled at RITM.

Lastly, prophylaxis is usually an antibiotic as safeguard from any further complications like pneumonia and other OI (opportunistic infections).

For someone who has just learned about this condition, it's pretty normal to have lots of questions. The doctors can't answer everything. But the internet is a good friend. Just don't read too much. Some are just plain scary :)

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