Saturday, March 20, 2010


I opened my facebook account and one person sent me a message, "When I watched friends of friends saw your eyes and no wonder you are part of the optimists." In my mind, ano daw? I was trying to decode the message. I failed. I went back to the person's profile to at least find a clue. It was private. hmmmmm Does he know I'm positive? I don't know. Maybe I'm just over analyzing it. Lastly, part of the optimists? Was he pertaining to the literal sense of the word optimist or something else? I was left with confusion. I was intrigued.

November 16, I went to RITM. I met Ate A and told her I was instructed by Dr. D to too see her. Ate A asked me a few questions. She was light to talk to - baklang babae.
She was fun. It was fun.

Before leaving the clinic, she invited me to come to an event dated December 11. It was a Christmas party at RITM. And the theme of the party - FASHIONISTA. Hahaha I said yes. I would love to meet more pozzies or what Ate A refers to as pusit (pusit = pusitibo = positive). I laughed as I recall the gay lingo hipon (sarap katawan, tapon ulo). I don't wanna miss this event - an ocean of pozzies :P

I did what I needed to do. I got my prophylaxis and I had my schedule for CD4 count.

I went home in a very light mood, in fact, excited. If you find that optimistic then so be it. With regard to the message I received on facebook, I just hope it's flattering.

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